What the Hell is SMO?

Just in case you haven’t gotten the memo, SEO is apparently dead. By the way…And just when we thought we were getting the upper hand on SEO and using keywords. I guess I am just a little behind.

The next, new big thing is SMO, Social Media Optimization. SMO is also known to have been called Social SEO.

According to PCSpeed.net, we don’t have to concentrate on using keywords. This new trend is to create appealing content instead of “following a strategy of filling up the Google database with low-cost content.”

Brian Solis, Social Media God, wrote an excellent two-part post (Part 1; Part 2) on SMOs. Obviously, SEO is used to by online writers to better the chance of their work to be found on search engines. Pretty self explanatory. Google>Type>Searh>Results. Hopefully yours will come up in the search engine result pages.

SMO is to be used, according to Solis, in addition to SEO to increase visibility in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Solis explains the make-up of a SMO-ed content.

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