8 Thing From our Childhoods we Forgot Existed

Remember those carefree days of our childhood? Those pre-facebook, pre-college days? Whatever happened to those things we used all the time and loved so much?

  1. MSN Messenger — Remember the days of coming home from school and loggin’ in to MSN messenger or AIM to talk with your friends? Oh, the emoticons! Does anyone still use MSN or AIM? They have made way for Facebook Chat. Why download a program when we can just stalk our friends and talk to them at the same time?
  2. MySpace — Social networking is king, but whatever happened to MySpace? It just…went away. It used to be sooo awesome to be friends with “Spork” and “Jesus” and change your background and theme every 20 minutes. I dub MySpace as the first viral social network. But, then, Facebook came and the only thing MySpace was left with is unmonitored profiles and band pages.
  3. VCRs, Cassette Tapes & the Discman — This brings us back to the time before you DVDs and BluRay, before we could rent movies through the mail or stream them on the internet. A time when music was still a physical “thing.” Video tapes would sometimes be “eaten” by your VCR and you would be devastated. Now we hardly have to worry about scratched discs. Just as long as you back your downloaded movie from iTunes on an external hard drive, you’d be fine. Same goes for music. First cassettes died, and now CDs are doing the same. And how did we used to listen to our music? A big , clunky CD player or even a Walkman. Now? iPods are synonymous with listening to music.
  4. Dial-up internet — No longer does it take 30 minutes to check your e-mail. Open your laptop, sign in, do your thing and your done. Maybe 45 seconds. The internet doesn’t make any noise, either. All the squeels and sprangz and bazingas from logging on to AOL? Oh, 1990s.
  5. Corded phones — Remember the ungodly long coil phone cords? Those ones your could walk around your house 12 times and still have cord to spare? No longer were those needed when cordless came about. Jump ahead a few years, cell phones appear. Do people still have landlines?
  6. Film — 35mm, APS, 110? 200 ISO, 800 ISO? Kodak, FujiFilm, Polaroid? How did we ever chose? Now we just buy a camera and it tells us what kind of memory card it needs. It chooses the ISO, speed and format in which the photos are saved.
  7. Floppy Discs — Computers aren’t event built with Floppy disc slots anymore. The 3.5” Floppy was the way to go when it came to early file storage and backup. Now we can save several 90 minute movies on a 32 gig drive no bigger than a Lego.
  8. “Real” Spam — What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Spam?” Pain-in-the-ass junk e-mails, of course. Remember the good ol’ days when Spam meant that gross canned meat no one ever ate?

What to do you remember from your childhood that is now moot? Disqus below:

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