Is Facebook a Waste of Time?

FacebookAccording to a recent poll by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair, 36 percent of people think Facebook is a waste of time. How so? Yes, Facebook can be a waste of time in your personal life. How many of you have been doing homework and ultimately ended up creepin’ on Facebook? My guess? All of us. But from a professional and business standpoint, Facebook and social media are not wastes of time, at least when they are used correctly.

The opportunity Facebook gives organizations and businesses to reach the customers and audiences is HUGE! Where else do you have potential access to 300 million people around the world? Facebook.

The big beef I have with this poll is the lack of demographics and information about the poll. Nowhere could I find who was polled. It says 906 adults were interviews via telephone between Sept. 6 and 8. But, what does “adults” mean? Anyone over 30 who wears a suit everyday? Or does it also include college students who are legal adults.

Obviously, we see the percentage of men and women that answered out of all the people, but what about age groups? What percentage of 18-24 year old males and females said Facebook is a waste of time?

They also don’t include professions. How many of the people interviews are business executives? How many have a cubicle? How many are students? What did each of them answer?

They also failed to include that nearly 25 percent of these people answered that none of the given choices were a waste of time.

What are your thoughts? Is Facebook, Twitter and all other social networks just a big waste of time? Comment below:

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