Edina: Move Complete

It was an exciting day today in Edina (for me at least). Today was my second day on the job, but first FULL eight-hour day. I got more training today than I could shake a stick at. I got training on Expressions this afternoon. Edina uses it for editing their website. Kind of confusing, but shouldn’t be too hard. The most difficult thing is actually finding the page I need to edit. I also learned CastNet which Edina uses to create “slides,” more or less, for Edina 16, their public access channel.

Jennifer Bennerotte, Director of Communications, gave me some training on how to use her camera. It is an awesome Canon; one like I would like to own some day. She showed me the different lenses, settings and more. She also gave me a few coupons for free classes at National Camera Exchange. I hope I can get to the first two soon! I am really excited about it. I wish I could get to a class tomorrow, though. I have a photography assignment for Tuesday already. I will be getting photos of the Edina Fire Department while they train at their training facility.

In other news, the communications department is no longer located on the second floor of city hall. This afternoon, we picked up EVERYTHING and moved downstairs. It was relatively exciting. I guess about as exciting as moving an entire department’s offices as possible. I look forward to coming back on Tuesday. i will have my own HUGE desk. They even got a new computer for the intern/my desk. I just need to raid the office supply room to stock my desk with the necessities. I will have to update Tuesday afternoon about my new desk and photographer experiences.

Until later-

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